Right Turn Only!

R.T. the Cairn Terrier

Hey, hey … HEY! check me out! I’m a handsome Cairn Terrier with a turbo-tail. My name is R.T. which is short for “Right Turn.” My owners named me R.T. because my favorite thing to do in the world is to run as fast as I can clockwise. In other words: I always turn to the right. I don’t know why I do it but it makes me very happy and very hyper. The more I run to the right, the more excited I become. Sometimes it gets a little crazy, especially when my owners want to go to the left. Why would anyone ever want to turn to the left? What’s up with that?

The kids in the neighborhood play a game with me we call doggie limbo where my owner holds my extendo-leash and I run as fast as I can (to the RIGHT, of course!) in circles and the kids duck as my limbo-leash whizzes past them overhead until they fall down laughing. Usually we’re so exhausted after playing that we all need a nap. I love napping because when I wake up it’s time for another walk. Then I get to sniff the air, chase butterflies and birds, roll around in the grass, act really goofy, scratch and paw at the ground like a bull, and I am certain you’ll guess what’s next: run really, really fast in circles … to the right, of course! My other interests include: marking trees, poles and fire hydrants, playing with my tug rope and stuffed animals, terrorizing our cat and cockatiels. (by A.C. Ratisseau)

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