Meet the September Dog of the Month: Ava

September brings us….AVA!! Our friend just turned 14 years old and is an absolute cutie!

Adventures of Ava:
Ava has been to most of the southern coast, most of the mid-west, a bit of the eastern states and up north…missing Canada by about 60 miles.  Ava would love to go to Paris and perhaps someday it will happen.  Ten years ago, Ava’s family decided to buy an RV, allowing this four-legged bundle of joy to travel the country.  She has a list of the states she has traveled on her Birthday Chalkboard. She does love Key West, FL, which we think is her favorite.  So many people there are animal friendly and welcoming to dogs.  Ava frequents the pier for lunch and she sits while everyone dotes all over her.  Walking down the streets of Key West, there are free roaming chickens, lizards, and cats, and they are everywhere…both a terriers dream and nightmare!  She exerts so much energy just gawking and planning her “attack” on these free roaming critters – of course, an attack that doesn’t happen.  A dog can dream, right?  Say hello to Ava and let her know how beautiful she is…and maybe she’ll send you a postcard from Key West (or a lizard).

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