He Ate A What?

Our boy Maltese, Bo, was the first purebred dog for us.

He was 1.3 pounds of total bliss. . . so adorable, so sweet. 

One Sunday, when he was 9 months old, he kept sitting down on our bed, making a small yelping sound, and then get up to change his position and location on the  bed. We were  getting ready to go to a Mighty Ducks fundraiser at the Pond but were still concerned by this unusual behavior.

Finally I called the emergency animal hospital in Garden Grove to see if I should be more concerned. I asked the Vet if dogs get gas. She said “no.” So I described what he was doing and she said “bring him in.” By the time I got him in his pet taxi and we were driving up the 55 freeway, he was yelping at the top of his lungs. I couldn’t feel worse!

The Vet took him in for an x-ray, came out and put the x-ray up on the light box so we could see it. She said “he swallowed a rock.” And I said “and I know what color it is.” It had lodged in his small intestines and blocking anything from getting past it. My husband James had spread a small area of our patio with green decorative rocks.

Bo ate one! 

He had emergency surgery that Sunday, we picked him up on Monday and he still had to spend two more nights at our Vet’s office. I was teaching high school at the time and created a lesson around this incident. I brought this rock (no longer green) in to my Intro to Business class and told them I thought I had made a great purchase over the weekend and proceeded to walk around the room showing each student the rock individually and asking each if they thought I had gotten a good deal. I told them it had cost me $1200 and that we were still negotiating the final price. Some students said “yeah I did  good” and others looked at me like I was crazy and had been taken!

Bo made a full recovery, I bought Pet Insurance, and he never ate anything bad again. . .

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