Daisy’s Toys

Not sure if you are a dogtologist? Take this short quiz to find out:

  1. The number of toys your dog has, has grown exponentially since it was a puppy.
  2. Many, if not all, of your dog’s toys have names.
  3. You can remember most of the circumstances in which the toys were purchased or gifted.
  4. You can’t walk past the “toy sale bin” at PetSmart without looking in.
  5. Your dog has found new “uses” for some of its toys.

If you have answered YES to at least one of the above questions, you are a Dogtologist!

My dog, Daisy, has favorites of course; usually elongated toys she can “hump.” Pink dog, long and cylindrical, even has a smile on its face. You think, “Isn’t Daisy spayed?” Yes, but that doesn’t deter her. Her toys range from a pink bunny (purchased for Easter of course) who is larger than she is, to Teddy, given to her by Auntie Rose, who is about 2 ½ inches long and has a Velcro belly to insert a new squeaky in case the original one peters out.

Her boyfriend, Tiger, gave her a purple plush bone with a red heart. I think it’s serious.

Her friend Gracie from Hawaii, sent her a plush toy for Halloween. Now Daisy checks the mail daily, expecting more mail.

For Christmas, I bought her a 12-inch square mat with 16 built-in squeakers and a Santa head.  Never thought Daisy would be too light to make them squeak (she’s only 6 pounds). Couldn’t resist buying Miss Pink Poodle one day at PetSmart. Daisy could! Monkeys and chickies and cows, oh my! When her boyfriend Tiger isn’t around, she sleeps with Callie, given to her by a Princess Cruise Director, named Callie.

Right now we have a very somber situation; her favorite toy, rubber chicken leg, is nowhere to be found. It’s her favorite toy to fetch. Where would you be if you were a chicken leg???

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